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Machine Learning for the Greater Good

We believe you can make the world a better place through data. The Nexosis API makes it easy to build machine learning applications. Our challenge to you is to bring these two together and to use our API for a greater social good project of your choosing. We will have data scientists and engineers on site to help and advise you. Your submission will be judged by the viability of your idea, the potential impact to the greater social good, and the overall quality and completeness of your solution. We're looking for exciting ideas that can change the world!


$1000 gift to a select charity to promote a social good that you care about and 6-months of credit for the Nexosis API to take your idea to completion. And a really cool trophy!



Back4app is a backend as a service platform helping developers to build better apps faster. It´s an easy way to build, host and manage Apps using the open source framework, Parse Server. We are the world's most popular Parse Server platform. Back4App is a fully managed backend platform featuring automated provisioning and scaling of Parse Server applications, backup and recovery, 24/7 monitoring and alerting, web-based management tools, and expert support. Back4App is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA.

Back4App will offer the API/technologies for the participants to use and integrate into their projects. The challenge for participants is to find a way that best utilizes Back4App's API while building their projects or solutions for sponsored categories.


$100/member in the team, for up to 5 members

Singtel Innov8


The aim of this challenge is to use insights derived from telco mobility data, combined with other public data sources, to find creative and meaningful solutions to problems. You will create a mobile or web application to solve your proposed problem. You may propose any problem you would like to solve in the area of Mobility—for example, transportation, health and fitness, urban planning, tourism or others. You must demonstrate the value of the problem being addressed, and its relevance to Mobility.

You will be given access to DataSpark’s data APIs, and you will utilize these data sources to develop the best and most creative solution to solve the proposed problem.


A $50 gift card OR an Amazon Echo for each team member.

DataSpark Challenge
DataSpark API Documentation



PitchSpot is a EdTech platform for pitching innovative ideas and allowing collaboration between like-minded individuals in pursuit of ideas you believe in. Develop and incubate your ideas alongside passionate Individuals on the platform. We hope to enable more ideas to grow beyond the hackathon and shape them into startups.

There are two challenges for you and your team:

P.S. Don’t let your dreams be dreams!